Authentic Italian Starters from Kingston and Surbitons Best Italian Restaurant


Melenzana di Parmigiana (v)
Aubergine baked with tomato, mozzarella and parmesan. £6.95
Polpettine al pomodoro
Meatball in tomato sauce, garlic and basil. £6.95
Zuppa del Giorno
Freshly-made seasonal soup of the day. £5.95
Bruschetta (V)
Our own oven-toasted bread with fresh tomato, garlic, oregano and basil. £4.95
Funghi di Bosco e Polenta
Wild mushrooms sautéed in garlic, herbs and white wine with crispy bacon and polenta. £5.95
Antipasto Italiano (recommended for two people)
A selection of Italian affettati ~ salami, Mortadella, Parma ham, various cheeses. £11.95
Caprino in Carrozza con Cipolle Caramelate (v)
Goat’s cheese in breadcrumbs, served with caramelised red onions on a bed of
Mediterranean salad. £6.95
Caprese (V)
Mozzarella from Italy, fresh tomato, drizzled with olive oil and basil. £5.95
Bufala Mozzarella con Grigliata di Vegetali misti (v)
Buffalo mozzarella with Char-grilled vegetables £7.95
Mussels steamed in white wine and tossed in lemon, parsley and crushed peppercorn. £7.95
Mussels cooked with onions, fresh cream and parsley. £7.95
Mussels cooked with garlic, tomato and a touch of chilli. £7.95
Insalata di Polipo
Octopus salad with a marinated julienne of vegetables. £7.95
Calamari Fritti
Fresh squid rings, battered, deep-fried and served with tartar sauce and lemon. £7.95
Bresaola e Ricotta
Thinly-sliced cured beef, parmesan shavings and fresh Ricotta cheese, on a bed of rocket leaves, drizzled with olive oil. £7.95
Capesante con Pancetta
Pan fried Scallops wrapped with pancetta in white wine sauce. £7.95